Magpul ACS Stock, OD Green


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Product Description
For use with commercial or Mil-Spec buffer tubers, the Magpul ACS stock has been used around the world by countless military and law enforcement units to great success. The ACS Magpul buttstock has two water-resistant battery storage tubes and a latching right-hand side Storage compartment. Unlike some buttstocks, the ACS has a very comfortable cheek weld and friction lock to reduce wobble on the buffer tube. The Magpul ACS carbine stock is made in the USA and is ready for whatever the mission is. It is a plug-and-play upgrade to your standard M4 Mil-spec buttstock.


Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Magpul Industries



Type: Collapsible

Rubber Butt pad Length Of Pull:11.6″ / 14.9″ / 15.4″

Material: Polymer

Overall Length:8.0″

Weight:14.1 oz


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